Included action not using created date properly

Steps to repro on included action:

  • Make an action that stores to a (Dropbox) file name of [[created|%Y.%m]].txt
  • Include this action from a 2nd action
  • Run the 2nd action on a note that’s more than a month old

Draft text lands in file for current month rather than month when draft was created.

Version 5.3.0

This is still occurring on

Using Drafts version, I have created two actions

  • The first action just has an include step for the second action.
  • The second action just has two steps in it. The first is a script step (it might be disabled in the version I shared but it is in there) and was my control for generating the file. The second step is a pure Dropbox action.

The actions can be downloaded here.

This pair of actions saves the file correctly for me when running against a draft created back in April.

Do they work for you?

Please file bug reports with I’ll miss them here. Please include the actual actions if applicable for testing.

That said, I can’t reproduce this at the moment.

Sorry for wasting time, gents - turns out I had two actions with the same name doing slightly different things.

It was unpredictable which one would be called, hence my own trouble in pinpointing.

Might be worth a warning when setting the action name in Include Action if there are multiple actions with the same name.