I’m using a Shortcut to create a new Draft with Dictation. Is there any way to add a tag to this Draft in the process?

I have a simple Shortcut that uses the Create Draft with Dictation action. I say “Hey Siri, Captain’s Log,” and Drafts opens and receives my diction. Great.

The problem I’m having is that I want to tag this Draft so that it will be read later by another part of my workflow. But I cannot figure out how to add a tag to this newly-created Draft. Any ideas?


You could capture the text through dictation in Shortcuts rather than Drafts, and then pass the captured text to a Create Draft action, wherein you could set a tag.

Thanks, yeah, I did try that, but that’s really designed for short phrases, so it’s not working for my logging/journalling workflow. It keeps cutting me off. I specifically want the lovely Drafts diction experience that never times out. That’s the whole reason I’m using drafts at all.

How about triggering an action in Drafts, from Shortcuts, that runs a dictation to a new draft and sets the tag?

How long does Shortcuts dictation run for now? I thought I read last year that they increased the shorty time limit it started with.

The reason I’m triggering this from Shortcuts is the Siri integration. I want to be able to say a command to Siri, dictate without being cut off, and then have the result tagged.

Shortcuts may have extended the time limit, but it’s still very aggressive about ending the dictation at a pause, which is not good for journalling. Drafts gives me time to think.

You could do it via Shortcuts using Drafts’ “Run Action with Text” shortcut action (just passing blank text).

This example action mimics what the “Create Draft with Dictation” shortcut does.

After you install it, change your Shortcut to a “Run Action” action, with this action selected.

You would also need to edit the script in the script step for this action. The first line reads:

let tag = "my-tag";

Change “my-tag” to the tag you want assigned.

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I knew there would be an answer just beyond my grasp of scripting actions. Works perfectly. Thank you @agiletortoise !