I can't get Creating a new group from an old one and then editing it to work - What do I do wrong?

I try to make my own keyboard group and I want to base it on the Editing group.

So I imported the Editing group again from the website and then started modifying it:

  • I changed the icon, name and position amongst the other groups
  • Then I started deleting out a couple of actions, and they disappeared as expected from action edit list.
  • Finally I moved a few actions around in the list

Then I close the Manage dialog and my changes appeared only partially in the keyboard row:

  • Icon is changed.
  • One action got delete as I intended but not all the actions I had delete before had disappeared
  • The shuffling didn’t stick at all.

What do I do wrong?

What you describe sounds right to me.

What happens if you load the action group into the action list and delete and rearrange the actions from there?

You can drag and swipe them on mobile or drag and right click on the Mac to move and get the delete option.

Does that stick and then display correctly in the extended keyboard row (action bar)?

Well, for me it seems to stick on the Mac - but not on the iPad. :frowning:

Not a problem for me now: I do the organisation of the new shiny Keys group on the Mac - and then it syncs magically back to the iPad. :slight_smile: