Hypens to bulletpoints

Shouldn’t the hyphens convert to bullet points in Drafts for Mac?

  • First item
  • Second item
  • Third item
  • Fourth item

In Drafts, do you actually get to see the bullet points or do you have to wait until the draft you’re working on is shared somewhere to see them?

The content is still plain text in the edit it just like in i*OS. The live preview function will show you what it is like when the Markdown is transformed to HTML and rendered.

Once actions come to Mac (beta planned to start soon), you’ll get some transform options that you can apply before sending the content to another app, clipboard, etc.

I, for one, would avoid hyphens for bullet points and use asterisks instead. The reason is that Taskpaper format uses hyphens for tasks, and Taskpaper format is one that is supported on Drafts and any draft might accidentally be treated as such.

(In my personal code’s Markdown interpreter I mix Taskpaper and Markdown to good effect.)

(I know this is “drive by”, but hopefully it’s useful.)