HTML bold action

i am currently using the markdown editor and would like to add a custom action for making a selected text bold…
but instead of being in markdown with ** SELECTION ** I would like it to be replaced with

<b> SELECTION </b>

How can I achieve that?

Try the action below. I’ve made it so that you can just swap out the content of the template tag with the base HTML tag name that you want to use so you can get re-use out of it more easily. This one simply uses “b” for The Bring Attention To element.

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Thank you so much for this!!!

I’m curious as to what’s wrong with the standard Drafts implementation of bold. Is there a problem with CSS or something?

Maybe they explicitly need <b> - most Markdown engines create <strong> tags.

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Right. If their CSS were immutable and it keyed off <strong> I could see that. As one example.