How to take advantage of the pro features


New pro user here… I subscribed a few weeks (months?) ago but I’m really not using the app any differently. I just don’t know what to do, what I am missing.

What do you do on a regular basis that requires the Pro subscription?

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Maybe the most basic answer: did you check out Drafts Pro | Drafts User Guide

I‘m using all listed features…

  • i build a lot of actions some very basic and some very complex to simplify my workflows
  • I use and edit actions from
  • I use custom themes (and App Icons)
  • I use workspaces a lot to filter through my drafts - I also apply different themes for the workflows
  • I have widgets on my homescreen and the Lockscreen to quickly capture or run actions in Drafts
  • I think also some Shortcuts I use require Drafts Pro but I‘m not sure about that

I don‘t even know anymore how Drafts feels without a subscription :smiley:


Themes are probably the most immediate and impactful feature to start with…beyond that, you might look at a couple of the integration guides on here to get setup with other apps and services you use, or some of the popular tips for workflows that incorporate workspaces and other features, like using templates, creating a snippet library, etc.

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I use Drafts every day across multiple devices—for me, Drafts is where texts starts and, for the most part, lives. I’ve written a number of actions, some of which are available in the directory, and modified plenty of others that I find invaluable for creating and managing the ~2,300 drafts in my database (as an aside, I recently realized I could create an action group with nothing by aliases to all my most-used actions that keeps me from having to switch between groups on desktop):

Workspaces are key for being able to shift contexts, and the 8-action widget has a permanent place on my home screen:

I also have all my devices set up to use Dark Mode automatically at night, so being able to use themes in Drafts is important in that regard.


Great tip! I didn’t know that and instead have been duplicating the Actions.

I also like how you colour code them.

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When you long press on an action and choose „Edit action“ there is the field „Identification“ where you can change the name and you can set the icon. Clicking on the icon shows you a range of colours you can choose.

I’ve spent way too much time not only color coding my actions, but getting them all arranged into sensible groups (and breaking them up w/ headers). The group of aliases shown above doesn’t include actions that have an easily-remembered keyboard shortcut (⇧⌘Delete, for instance, which empties the trash, or ⌘↑ and ⌘↓, which jump to the top or bottom of the current draft). And speaking of keyboard shortcuts, you can assign the same one to both the action and its alias(es). Drafts will display a warning, but allows it and it works just fine.

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(I realize I never replied here. Thank you all very much for jumping in! :pray:)