How to save second editor pane as a version

This is a bit of a basic question. How do I open a second editor window in Draft for Mac which I can edit and save under a different name?

‘Open in new window’ replicates the first, but how do I make it a version?

Sorry if I’m missing something obvious. I’ve been locked down for too long…

I think you want to duplicate the draft (check the actions directory) not create another version. Versions are a history of changes to a Draft and Draft show your the current version unless you specifically opt to start scanning back. Whatever you update becomes the latest and replaces the previous.

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My wrong terminology… about saving as a version. What I want to do is to work on essentially two different docs so I have something like e.g. and

I think in that case maybe you just want to open a new window and then CMD+N to load a new draft into it.

A new window is essentially a new view of the same draft, so I think what you’re looking for is, File > Duplicate then open the duplicate in a new window, where you can see both drafts alongside.

(As an aside, I find opening a new view on the draft can be useful with multiple desktops as I can leave my main Drafts window on its usual screen while editing the specific draft on another screen, alongside the thing I’m making notes about. Very handy!)

A further note which may be relevant: the duplicated draft will not have the same history as the original.

So for instance, if you started with and duplicated it to and then did your editing, but then wanted to retrieve a paragraph from an earlier version of the original, you won’t find it in the history of but will have to go back to