How to reveal current note in the left pane?

Problem: I find a note by searching (Quick Search). The note is now active in the Editor. But, I have no idea whether this note is in the Inbox, Archive or Trash.

Question: How do I “reveal” the note in the left pane that displays list of notes.

The list and editor are loosely coupled in Drafts, there’s not a way to force it appear, and not a clear way to implement something like that.

Could you describe the use case where revealing the current draft in the list would be useful to you?

I use Archive as a place to store semi-processed Drafts. When I search and find a note, I’d like to know whether I’ve already archived it. If so, I might need to move it back into Inbox, or if I have not archived, I might feel it should be. For this purpose, it isn’t crucial to show the note in the list. It would be useful, however, to display the status of an active note in the editor (Inbox, Flagged, Archived).

Pretty much everything you could want to do to the current draft loaded is the editor is available in the document menu when you long-press the doc button at the top left - including archive status, commands to move it, etc.

Also, possible useful, there are indicators in quick search, before you load a searched draft, for where it currently resides…

Oh yes! Never used long-press. Looks like that is loaded with a lot of options. This addresses my use-case. Thanks.