How to open URLs in Safari? (iOS)

I‘m probably missing something obvious here, but I’m stumped. How can I persuade URLs to open directly in Safari from the editor?

Links in actions open directly, but links in the editor open in the Drafts browser and it takes another click to open in Safari.

I don’t think you are missing anything.

Whilst the Link Mode page in Drafts does make reference to opening web lins in Safari (and a menu on long press of a link?), I don’t believe this is the behaviour any more.

If you take a look at the Changelog, specifically at 5.0.4, you’ll see the following entry.

  • Change: Use Safari View Controller in-app to open http links in Link mode.

I don’t see any futher reference as to any option to reverse this as a setting and I had a quick scan through them in case I’d missed one.

Maybe Greg made the change as a faster and less disruptive for most users to stay in the app? If this is the case, perhaps it could be proposed as a feature request to have a specification for where the links are opened by default?

It could potentially extend to include other browsers (e.g. Chrome, iCabMobile) in addition to Drafts internally and Safari.

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Hi Stephen, thanks for that clear explanation.

I’d certainly agree that having the option would be useful, and the option to choose browser would be a bonus. I’ll post a feature request.

I’m also having trouble getting links to open in the Trello app. (I’ve failed with x-callback-url too, but that’s probably more to do with me not understanding the link structure.)

I’ll update the link mode docs. It was a change made because this was a very common request. It still only grabs HTTP(s) links to open in-app in Safari view controller. I’ll put it on the list to see if there’s other options I could add there.

There is a Safari button you can tap at the bottom of the view controller to open directly in Safari. I know it’s one extra tap but useful when you want to see the URL in the Safari app.

I assume that is exactly what @PhilipK was referring to in his original post.