How many problems are still experiencing problems with sync between Mac OS and iOS?

I’m still having problems with sync. Upon opening Drafts for Mac, I could tell that it didn’t reflect changes in a note (“Nobody Notes”) that had been changed on my iPhone. I kept waiting and waiting (over 15 minutes). All my machines are on the same network. Finally, it was only after I actually clicked on the note in Drafts for Mac that it updated.

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I had the same problem recently. I was editing a Draft on iPad and those changes just disappeared. In the versions I couldn’t find the newer Versions of that Draft. I do have some problems with my wifi though. Still I would hope that changes would be saved locally and synced later, if there was actually no internet connection temporarily.

I think there are some significant sync-related issues. Today I experienced something like this several times:

  1. Wrote some text in a draft (A) on MacOS. Switched to a different draft (B).
  2. Selected draft (A) in iOS. Selected and copied its text.
  3. Went back to MacOS, tried to click on the original draft (A).
  4. Full text of the other draft (B) was copied over (A).
  5. Was able to recover (A) by rolling back to previous version.

Happened repeatedly.

Then, experienced a second issue where copying and pasting in quick succession generated garbled text. Multiple undos seemed not to ever quite get “back” to pre-garbled state.

I think both of these must be sync-related, as they started happening after I started going back and forth between iOS and Mac.

In neither case was I using both apps simultaneously.

I am also having issues with sync. Changes made to notes on iOS aren’t coming across to my Mac, and vice versa, even after days. I’m scared to make edits to notes because that might introduce merge conflicts (and Drafts doesn’t seem like the sort of app that’d be using CRDTs, haha).

My kingdom for a manual refresh button that pops up an error code if sync fails?

I’m pretty sure that @agiletortoise would love to get the technical info around issues like this. You should be able to send a support request via the contact form and then receive guidance on submitting relevant logs, further tests, etc.

If you haven’t done so already I would suggest that you both of you submit a request via the form.

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