How do you apend text to an existing file? Drafts pointing to a wrong folder

I used to be able to append an existing text file trough the FILE Action defining:

  1. The name of the file
  2. The Path
  3. The Template

However, after the last update, Drafts is not taking the path location of the existing file but instead creating a new file in another location.

The original path I added to the action definition is:
~/Dropbox (Personal)/Aplications/NotePlan/Notes

But Drafts is replacing the path and creating a file on this location:
~/Library/Containers/com.agiletortoise.Drafts-OSX/Data/Documents/Users/franciscobricio/Dropbox (Personal)/Aplicaciones/NotePlan/Notes/

How do I fix this?
Any help really appreciated!

Happy holidays.

Is this an existing action you had who’s behavior changed? The “File” action step has always only been able to write to the app container (Local) or iCloud Drive, within the “Drafts” folder.

It sounds like you are trying to write to your Dropbox, for which there is a dedicated Dropbox action step.