"Hide toolbar when editing" is sometimes ignored [SOLVED]

Steps to repro:

  • Turn on “Hide toolbar while editing”
  • Start to edit
  • Switch to another app
  • Switch back to Drafts, it’ll usually still be in edit mode (not always)
  • Toolbar will be visible
    (toolbar actually toggles on/off if you switch between apps multiple times)

On iOS 13.2, iPad, hardware keyboard on, in landscape

I’ve had other reports of this and haven’t been able to reproduce it. No idea what’s different, but those steps don’t make it happen here…which makes it hard to troubleshoot.

If others are having this please chime in with any more possible clues.

I tried force quitting and restarting, and it acts pretty much the same.

Here’s a recording, fwiw: https://www.dropbox.com/s/n6yikpl0vlbxxj5/Drafts_Toolbar_in_Edit.mov?dl=0

I found this one. Weird side effects of iOS taking snapshots of the app in the background. Will be fixed in update soon.

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