Help with dictation work flow?

Hi everyone, I’m tray from the UK and I’m totally blind I’m a musician and I’ve just discovered drafts I think it’s really cool I thought I’d give you a bit of an intro about myself :slight_smile: now onto my topic. Basically I want to create a workflow to dictate text that means that I can press one keyboard shortcut dictate the text and then press another to created without having to go into the dialogue where you pick your localisations and such is this possible please? Your help with this matter would be most welcome thank you very much everyone kind regards trey.

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Are you working on a Mac or an iPad/iPhone?

sorry should of put that in my OP, i’m running mac os big sir.

Welcome Trey. I think we’ll find your perspective very useful. (Sorry I have nothing to add to this particular discussion.)

Hi Trey,

I use Siri and Apple shortcuts to trigger an ‘audio note’ in drafts - I use it all the time to capture notes / dictate thoughts while driving.

I think you can also trigger actions from Siri but haven’t personally done that.

More details on using Apple shortcuts with Drafts is in the official docs here: Shortcuts - Drafts User Guide

Hope it works well for you.

Firstly, if you opened Drafts and the editor is focused, you can always just use macOS system dictation features and whatever normal keyboard shortcuts you have configured for those features and they work fine in Drafts.

If you want to dictate via action in Drafts, it will use the Drafts dictation interface. That dialog will always open. An action like the included Dictate new draft action will open dictation. It is already listening when opened, so no further interaction is necessary to “start” dictation. Edit the action in your installation to assign a keyboard shortcut of your liking to the action.

When you are complete, command-return will close and accept the dictation. That is the standard keyboard shortcut in Drafts for accepting a dialog.

Alternatively, you can set the timeout value in the dictation dialog, and Drafts will auto-complete the dictation after a period of silence.