Help converting 1Writer action

I suspect this is an easy job for a java scripter out there, but I’m looking to “translate” this 1Writer script to Drafts. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

Drafts doesn’t use file names in the way 1writer does, so I’m pretty sure the equivalent can be done without scripting; just by copying the open URL for the draft to the clipboard.

Oh sorry, a complete lack of clarity on my end. I’m looking to grab the title of the draft and convert it with double brackets. So a draft with “Title of note” as first line would end up with “[[Title of note]]” on the clipboard.

Just as straight forward, though I’m not sure I follow the purpose. Just use the title tag wrapped in extra double square brackets instead of the link.

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I’m working on a way to link text files in a zettelkasten system. In both 1writer and Devonthink the double brackets make them into wiki links. But as I am often working on preliminary notes in drafts, I am looking for a way to grab the links of the active notes I’m working on to share back to the larger folder of notes elsewhere. In any case…thanks so much!

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Did you get any further. I also use 1Writer for Zettelkasten and use Devonthink on my Mac but it would be great to be able to use a double bracket wikilink in Drafts because it operates across iOS and MacOS.