Half of my draft vanished

For some time I have had odd syncing issues on the Mac OS app. I will be typing and the internet stutters. Then it oddly erases a sentence or two. Whatever. No app is perfect.

But tonight I lost an hour of work. Draft I wrote with maybe 3000 words while offline synced up and left me with 900. It only registers one version of the draft. Irreplaceable content. Draft I wrote right after that is there and saved perfectly fine. Super not cool. Dealbreaker kind of problem for me. Even if that happens once a month I can’t use the app with this hanging over my head - “maybe the app will keep this work, maybe It won’t.”

I’m really hoping there is a solution here I don’t know about or some way this is completely atypical. I love drafts, am subscribed and have been shouting its praises to all my friends. Please tell me it can stay in my workflow.

How is drafts supposed to handle sync conflicts, by the way?

I think that’s an issue from an older beta isn’t it? I’m sure I read some stuff about that on the Slack channel, and it was certainly an issue in the Drafts iOS beta.

I suspect Greg will also need to know the OS and app versions to be able to check this against any potential known issues.

It uses a “last edit wins” and versioning approach.

Obviously we never want any one to lose any data. Clearly you stumbled on a bug. It would be very helpful if you would submit feedback with details on events - include information about your devices, versions of the app, etc. The “Send Feedback” link in the Help menu of the Mac app is the preferred way to submit that feedback (it will add some of the details, like version, for you).

The Mac product is in beta, which is a testing phase for software to allow users to assist in finding bugs and getting as many of them out of the software before it is released as a final product.

Using beta software is always putting your data at risk. That’s part of the process and the download page for the beta warns of these risks.

If you are not comfortable with those risks, please wait for the release version.

  • Beta. Fair enough. :+1:t2: Ok. I’ll plan to get into the habit of manually saving on the Mac OS beta for now. And definitely glad to send in the info on what happened. Thanks!