Grammarly Now Supports Drafts for Mac (and more)

I was happy to see that the new Grammarly Desktop for Mac makes it possible to use Grammarly in many native Mac apps, including Drafts.

If Grammarly gets in the way, you can snooze it for 30 minutes or exclude the current app. It’s also simple enough to quit Grammarly when it’s not needed and relaunch it when you want to call upon its services.


That’s awesome! Installing now. Interested to see their implementation.


I’ll be curious to hear your impressions, Greg!

At first glance, Grammarly’s implementation is clean and unobtrusive. It would be nice to have a global keyboard shortcut for toggling Grammarly on and off, but that’s a relatively minor quibble as it’s easy to quit and re-launch Grammarly Desktop, as needed.

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How did you set it up in Drafts? I have Grammarly but can’t figure how to implement it with Drafts.

You’ll need to install the new Grammarly for Desktop app. Once it’s installed and running, Grammarly’s features should automatically become available in most apps, including Drafts.

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Got it. I downloaded and it worked. Thank you.

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This is terrific!

Of course, it comes out 2 weeks after I wrote a whole KM script to copy text from Drafts into the Grammarly Editor, and back, but this is SO MUCH BETTER.


Thanks, @blfarris. I feel like you took one for the team there.

Now, could you buy a really expensive monitor? I feel like that would ensure Apple will finally release one. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

So here’s a question for the gang that I have often come back to … but do we need to worry about how much access Grammarly has in terms of our information?

I have often worried about this as there have been a few people suggesting that they store or have access to my data. Therefore should I be worried about using it in ‘Day One’ for example?

I would love it if someone could help me put this to bed once and for all.


All those details are in the privacy policy (and user trust guidelines) on their website.

If you have any concerns at all, the answer is simple. Do not use it. To do anything else would leave a nagging doubt.

Also, just to note, I am not against Grammarly, and I have in fact been a premium Grammarly subscriber for several years. But, if you have stuff you don’t want out there - don’t actively send it out there.

I too used this for a couple of years. But, last year I discontinued because in Safari, the extension slows the browser down considerably. And I don’t use chrome. Did you not notice any difference in speed? Now, with the desktop app, maybe that has been resolved. Your thoughts and feedback would help.

I tend to agree it’s a matter of what you are comfortable with. I did submit feedback to Grammarly about the new desktop app requesting they offer an opt-in permissions option. Right now, it’s on-by-default in all apps if you run it, with the option to block it in specific apps. I would much prefer it be off-by-default and only enabled for apps I allow.

I get why they would not go that way as the default, however, for discoverability reasons.

I’m a typo waiting to happen, so I appreciate the help the service provides.

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I get that. Thanks for your comments. I guess I am asking whether I CAN trust them. I’ve looked at the policy. This paragraph jumped out at me.

User Content. This consists of all text, documents, or other content or information uploaded, entered, or otherwise transmitted by you in connection with your use of the Services and/or Software.

The “if you don’t trust it don’t use it” vibe isn’t as simple as it sounds. I’ll admit it’s super useful. I am just concerned about how much they retain and get to see.

Sufficed to say I’ll be disabling it on ‘Day One’.

How so? Where is the complexity in knowing if you trust something or not? If there is any doubt whatsoever, then I would say you don’t, or you accept the level of risk.

Most of my use to date is via the Outlook and Word plugins on Windows. I’ve never noticed any slow downin them.

I created a simple Keyboard Maestro macro (tied to ⌥⇧⌘G) that toggles Grammarly. This way I can easily fire up Grammarly when I need its services and shut it down if it’s getting in the way or is not needed. This macro also automatically closes the window that is displayed when Grammarly launches.

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Wow, can you attach the file of the script - the one that can be imported into KM?

It doesn’t look like I can share a “.kmmacros” file here…though I was able to make an upload available on the Keyboard Maestro Discourse.

Ok, that’s fine by me. Thanks

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