Get a Reminder in Due to open a specific draft

Not sure if anyone can help on this but I’m tying myself up in knots with URL callbacks here.

All I am trying to do is configure an action so that when invoked, it sends a link/Open UUID callback to Due for the current draft. Therefore when the reminder pings in Due, it will have a link back to review the specific draft in Drafts.

I set this up in Todoist via an email action a while back and it works OK. I am however making a right pig’s ear of it when trying to do so with URL schemes and Due.

Any help/pointers much appreciated.

Not terribly familiar with Due’s URL scheme, but there is a tag for the permalink URL for the current draft - [[draft_open_url]]. Not sure how to tell Due to use that as a link for the reminder, however.

Great. Thanks for that. Wasn’t aware of that one. I’m now getting a URL going into Due but not getting it to open. I’m probably messing it up. Will have a look again later. Thanks for your help.

I made this, based on an action by @nahumck

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Thanks. I got it working with URL callbacks in the end. This script is OK, but I’ve no need for the prompt bit, preferring to have a stock “Check this draft - ,” and to set the time using Due’s interface.

this is how to call and the due app, if that helps.

I am very new to drafts and would find a due reminder to a specific draft very useful, but I have no idea how to proceed

I required nothing fancy, just a link to a draft in Due with a generic “Check this draft” statement preceeding the draft’s link.

due://x-callback-url/add?title={{Check this draft - }}[[draft_open_url]]

So it’s an action with the single URL step as above. Just make sure that both the toggles for the options in the URL step are set to “off.”

I am a newbie with drafts. This is cool and works great. Thanks for the specific help