Formatting in bold

I’m new to Drafts, but is there any way to use simply ⌘ B and ⌘ I for bold and italic?.

Yes on iOS (should work as standard), and not yet on Mac. At least not without utilising another tool.

The formatting on iOS is managed by actions, which are currently under development for the Mac app.

Hope that helps.

@giacomog are you expecting Drafts to display Bold and Italic - without having to use Preview? And, if so, are you expecting the Markdown characters to not be shown while editing? Bold and Italic are displayed, but so are the asterisks.

(I just wonder if this is a matter of expectation.)

No, I have no problem when using **. All works fine. I simply want to be able to do bold and italics by using the command B and I keystrokes.

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