Folding Text / Collapsable Headers


In the future, I’d love to see the ability to collapse the text below Markdown headers, much like Folding Text does on the Mac, and Editorial on iOS.

Background: I keep a text document open on my Mac all day at the office, and take notes throughout the day as various matters arrive. Right now I use Folding Text on the Mac for this. When I move on from one matter (such as a phone call) to another, I collapse the previous matter by clicking on the Markdown header (pound symbol), which gives me a nice tidy list of what I’ve done that day, with only the current matter expanded and filing the screen.

I’ve uploaded an image showing items unfolded, and one showing only the last item unfolded. Normally my notes under each item are much longer, so the unfolded setup is much messier.


Outline Apps? Still needed?

This was brought up back in the beta. While I’d also like to see this happen, there’s some non-standard text stuff that apps like Editorial use. This isn’t likely to happen for a while, if at all.

But it’s a great feature, so here’s hoping that one day it happens!


I think this functionality would be excellent too, if feasible and fits into the Drafts 5 dev plan/schedule (at some point).

In terms of Editorial, for all its legendary lack of developer updates, it STILL has the best ever mobile version of TaskPaper integration seen on iOS. Not only does it fold beautifully, the drag and drop tabs for each line are simply perfect for the syntax.


Yes, please!

For MarkDown and Outline.

Then we can get rid of those Outline Apps… partly

I did not try coding in Drafts, but there, folding is great too!!!


I would also love to see foldable headers in Markdown!


+1 for this feature request!