Folding links when not editing them


This is my first time using Drafts so I apologize if this has been discussed in the past.

Is it possible to collapse links so when you’re not editing them, it doesn’t show the link. Often, with very long links, it can be distracting.

I’ve attached an example from an app called Folding Text ( The first screenshot is when you’re not editing the link and the second is while the cursor is inside of the link. I know Bear and Ulysses does something similar.

MultiMarkdown seems to do a better job but it’s still not great.

Also, is there an easy way to open a link without going into link mode? It’s pretty tedious switching between the modes just to click links.

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I’d like this feature too. I’m very used to Ulysses hiding the content of a link until you’re editing it. It makes Markdown a lot cleaner to look at.

It’s pretty straight forward (one step no scripting) to create an action to open a selected URL. Selecting a URL is typically through a double tap/and maybe triple click on Mac (not at mine right now and I forget).

Add it to your action bar/ assign a keyboard shortcut as preferred.

You could script a version that figures out a URL from cursor position if neve, or even simply jumps to and selects the nearest one to open.

Not currently.

Drafts I always feel is more akin to apps like Sublime Text and BBedit than to apps like Ulysses and Word. It is all about processing raw text.

Bear uses the collapsed version - to a fault. (One of the reasons - as a blogger who cross links a lot - I’m not so keen on Bear.)

But I agree - particularly when just reading a draft - the URL~ isn’t what you want to see.

Maybe the semantic is about ending versus writing - rather than showing versus hiding the URL. Maybe.