Find on enter key on iPhone

On iPhone, I have to press the button “Find” to perform search. If I press enter a new line appears. It would be nice if a “Search on Enter” option could be provided. It’s much faster to press enter key on keyboard to search directly.

But what if you want to search for a text match across multiple lines? i.e. a text string containing a newline character.

Also it is two fields so does it really lend itself to triggering from the first field?

Easy to solve with offering options to users, like “Enter to search on Find field”, “Enter to place cursor in Replace field” and “Enter to add an new line”.

Does that make sense for the existing user interface? I’m not personally sure that it does; but I’m far from an i*OS expert.

However, physical keyboard shortcuts to trigger specific things (fields, buttons) would be appropriate I think.