Fantastical to Drafts

Is there an action for copying an event name and date from Fantastical and pasting it in a new Drafts note? I’ve seen all the actions going the other direction but not in the way I’m looking to accomplish my task.

You just want any action that copies a calendar event.

Fantastical’s inbound feature is the conversion from natural language into an event. You just want an event.

This looks like a reasonable starting point.

I’m looking to capture both the name and the date of the event. I tried the action you directed me to, but it kept returning with the alert: “No events found to import.” Was there an additional step I needed to take?

I’ve ever used it before, I just did a quick search I. The directory and scanned the code to make sure it looked okay.

I’ve just downloaded and run it. I selected a calendar to import from, set the date range (that is what I would guess you did not do) and it imported a slew of events with the following output.

* Summer Bank Holiday (regional holiday) -     - All Day /n
* St Andrew's Day (Scotland) -     - All Day /n
* Early May Bank Holiday -     - All Day /n
* Spring Bank Holiday -     - All Day /n
* Halloween -     - All Day /n
* St Andrew's Day observed (Scotland) -     - All Day /n
* Remembrance Sunday -     - All Day /n
* Boxing Day -     - All Day /n
* Christmas Day -     - All Day /n

If you select a calendar and date range for which there are no events, then you will get the message you described - so make sure you select a calendar and date range with data to be returned.

As I noted above, I was providing a starting point. Obviously this action is not sharing the details you need - but that was always unlikely to be an exact match in any case, hence my suggestion of this being a starting point for you.

Look at the code and look at the scripting for calendar events. You have a bit of experience now with Drafts actions, so take a look and see if you can figure out what you need to modify in the output to get everything in the format you need. I would also dump the “/n” the action is adding to the output :wink:

Again, as a starting point to help you figure things out, take a look at the event documentation.

Hope that helps.