External Keyboard bug?

I’m trying to trouble shoot a problem on Drafts for iOS. I wonder if others have seen similar…

I have a 12.9” Original iPad Pro with the Logitech external keyboard. And I’m religiously installing betas from TestFlight.

Occasionally, when typing on this keyboard, a single character leads to something strange happening - usually deletion of all or part of a draft.

Yesterday I think I caught pressing a “z” key causing most of a line to disappear. But often it’s the whole draft contents.

I’m wondering if somehow the Cmd key is simulatated/assumed in the code. But this would be very intermittent. However, the problem is repeatable within a given draft editing session.

I’m resorting to 2 things:

  • Copying the entire draft to the clipboard - often.
  • Getting round the offending character by pasting in the offending word from somewhere else.

Both of these are obviously a pain - so I want to get this debugged.

… I’m not 100% sure this is a Drafts issue, mind.

However, I don’t get this issue in other type-in fields on the iPad.

Any ideas? Not sure this is enough for @greg to debug from.

Sorry, I meant @agiletortoise of course.

Just as a data point, I use the beta on a first gen 9.7” iPad Pro with a Logitech K480 external keyboard. I’ve not experienced any behaviour like this to my recollection.

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Which keyboard is this? And have you ever had weird behaviour in other apps? I’m wondering if the keyboard is somehow sending a CMD along with characters near to it for some reason - perhaps a faulty connection.

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Mostly like your CMD key is sticking and triggering an undo when you hit Z…which would delete varying amounts of text and would be a hardware problem.

It’s also possible you accidentally assigned some action to the “Z” key without modifiers. That should show up in the keyboard shortcuts pop up if you hold down CMD.


The Logitech one for the original 12.9” iPad Pro. I also suspect the keyboard and will dig out the Apple one I didn’t get along with and see if that shows the same behaviour.

I also think that the Cmd augmentation is irrelevant to most apps when typing so I don’t see the problem in them.

Thanks for this @agiletortoise. I’ll check my key mappings. Also another keyboard.

So I tried another keyboard - the Apple one it launched with, which I really don’t like.

The same thing happened with that so…

I held down the Cmd key and it showed that Undo was indeed set to Z. I’ve no idea how that happened. But hats off to @agiletortoise for suggesting it.

Now I can go back to my Logitech Create. :slight_smile:

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Glad it’s sorted. I have it on my list to add a warning if you try to assign a keyboard shortcut that does not have any modifiers. There are reasons you might intent to do that, but it can certainly be a head scratcher if you do it by mistake.

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Thanks! I have it in my mind that I was aiming for Cmd+Z and it refused the augmentation. But trying that again now it tells me I can’t do it. So that probably wasn’t the case.