Extended search functionalities

I store a lot of links with descriptions in drafts. Mostly I store them in a single draft but some are of course stored in different drafts.
I then need to search in the draft list to find drafts with my search query. When I now want to find the specific line, I need to search inside the draft where I think that I stored the information.

I store many links which I don’t want to categorize in a single draft.
if I now search for “sustainability” I will find the draft in the drafts list. Then I select the draft with the stored links and need to search inside the drafts with all the links again to find the line(s) I wanted to see in the first place.

It would be great if the search would highlight lines with the query in every found draft (when selected of course). I think a good example is the evernote search here. If I find notes inside evernote with my query and then step through them the matches in the note will be highlighted.