Exporting to DayOne with location and time information

I may be missing this, but given that Drafts entries have time and GPS references, is it possible to export this metadata along with the text content to say DayOne? That would allow you to record a geotab directly from an Apple Watch and fill it into the diary later.


You could incorporate it as text in the entry with an action like this.

This requires URL scheme parameters on Day One that currently don’t exist. I submitted it as a feature request to Day One just last week!

Many thanks for that. I guess that was to be expected. Thinking about it again, One Day will accept however accept shared photos and then offers to use the images time and location meta data. An alternative might thus be to post a slightly modified Drafts logo to the journal with the appropriate exif metadata. The journal app will then ask the user if they wanted to accept the time and location when the article opens and they could then delete the drafts logo after (if they wanted) once it was done. Need to read the message from sylumer too.

maybe sylumer’s approach is better than mine!