Exporting Drafts with Formatting, is it Possible?

I have been using Drafts for some time as just a quick-capture tool for notes and text.

I use Ulysses for long-form writing and exporting to different formats. The biggest thing I use it for is exporting my Markdown file to DOCX. I have created a template in Ulysses to export it in APA 7 format. Excluding hanging indents, everything formats correctly for APA standards.

I wanted to know if this type of functionality exists in Drafts. If so, I could easily see myself using Drafts as my main (read only) markdown editor. I just don’t know if it is possible, or if it is, exactly where to start looking ideas.

Any help would be great.
Thanks ahead of time!

Do you want to generate such files on macOS or iOS/iPadOS?

Prior to you asking, just MacOS. However, if it is possible on iPadOS too… :joy:

Take a look at Pandoc. You can run it on macOS. That will convert Markdown to DOCX.

Once you have Pandoc, you can use command line scripts to process files. You can use Drafts actions to export a draft to a Markdown file, and run the script. That’s how you start to build out your tool chains.

In terms of APA 7, that’s a styling approach rather than a file format, so that should just be down to how you setup your Markdown and your Pandoc DOCX template.

Hope that helps.

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That looks like it will do the trick. It looks like all I would have to do is tinker around with the template file to get the correct style.