Export actions as html?

if i’m remembering correctly we used to be able to save out an html or plaintext file of all our actions. or there was someway that i was able to see the urls being used for the actions.

am i mistaken?

There are so many ways to do this and options you could have.

A good, fairly straight forward starting point might be the an export action like this one. It uses standard actions and tags to export the content as plain text.

Drafts can also process tags for HTML output by using double percentage delimiters. So plain text draft content uses the tag [[draft]], and to run that through the Markdown to HTML processor, you would use %%[[draft]]%% in your file exporting step.

If you have specific requirements about how you want to export, there are likely other options that can be brought to bear to them that could further automate or provide broader options. There’s the share sheet, Shortcuts or AppleScript/Shell script, and Drafts’ scripting action step that can give you further options.

Hope that helps.

but that wouldn’t export the url schemes for the actions would it?

Ah, okay, I though that you were wanting actions to export html. my apologies I misread part of the above. I think it was the HTML that threw me.

On iOS/iPadOS, when you edit the action, scroll to the bottom and at the very end you’ll see a box with an upward arrow for sharing. Tap that and you’ll get the URL and file export options for the action. If you go into managing an action group, you’ll find the same thing.

On the Mac, same idea. When you edit an action, look to the right of the name of the action (top left). You’ll see the box with the upward arrow. Select it and you’ll get the URL and file options. Likewise, if you manage action groups and select the action group you want it is again next to the name of the group, but that is shown centrally at the top (groups in the left, selected group info in the middle, actions on the right).

Hopefully that’s more what you were after. :smile: