Exploding a draft

I’ve imported some rather long drafts that I would like to convert to individual notes. Each line should become a new note

Does anyone have an action that would accomplish this (or would generously script one), preferably with an ability to tag each note? I’ve searched the directory, but came up empty.

This would be much appreciated!

How would you want to determine how to tag each note? Something on each line? All the same and inherited from the original note?

All the same tag. All items refer to the same project and can then be sorted into a workspace.

That answers half of my question, but how would the action know which tag(s) to apply across them all.

For example:

  1. Inherit from original draft’s tags.
  2. Manual entry by user at start of processing.
  3. Specified in a specially marked up line in the draft.

Prompting for user input would be best.

Here’s a quick action that should prompt for a single tag then (you can expand that to cater for multiple tags fairly easily), then create a new draft for each line in the current draft, tagging each new draft with the specified tag.

Hope that helps.


Many thanks, worked perfectly first time! Really appreciate this!