Execute Actions from Share Sheet

It would be great if I could execute an action right from the share sheet. With how powerful actions can be, it would be nice if I could share some text from another app and act on it right away, as opposed to just capturing it into Drafts for later processing.

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Yes I agree, was going to post this too. Just adding an “open and run action” button to the existing share sheet would be enough for me.

Ideally, I’d like it if the action could run without having to open Drafts itself. For actions that act on the draft and put their output on the clipboard, or manipulate the draft itself, it would be nice if this could happen in the share sheet without leaving it.

I know there are probably limits to what can be done in a share sheet (and showing custom prompts might be out of the question), so this might be challenging.

Today, I do this with Pythonista - several python scripts I’ve selected are available as actions from the share sheet, and when run, they execute within the share sheet on the shared text. It would be nice to be able to do the same type of thing with Javascript-based automation that Drafts enables.

Yeah I realized that was why you meant after I posted. Both would be nice :slight_smile: . If i’m not mistaken it is possible to call an action on text passed via the url scheme without creating a new draft.