Evernote actions not working [Solved]

I deleted and recreated the credentials for Evernote. I can use the share menu to make it happen. But for all direct Evernote actions on all of my devices it just gives me the failed dialogue. Ideas?

  1. Do you get any additional information in the log (see show action log).
    2.Are you 100% sure that your new Evernote credentials are correct?
  • I’ve had a quick look at the Evernote status listing and it doesn’t look like they have had any recent outages.
  • The share menu works with the app whilst the other actions are probably configured to work with the API, hence the credentials requirement.the

Thank you for taking the time. So checking the logs (duh!), it’s telling me that it’s not valid ENML. (My draft is set to export markdown).

So I played around with the specific draft and narrowed it down to two things. Looks like if your first line is blank it will fail. Also if you have this set IMG_726CAA0E09B3-1 anywhere in the draft it will fail.

Learned something today… with your help!

Thanks again for your time.

I have links formatted as brackets and parentheses just as you note and it fails if I choose MMD format but succeeds if I use ENML.