Events for workspaces

Wouldn’t it be fun if workspaces had events like “on open” “on create” “on exit” “on archive” that allow you to call an action? Fancy

Then you could create a new drafts with a set of tags or template when you enter a workspace, or have a draft automatically processed on leaving it, or when changing workspace. And more……

Whilst that would be cool, you can do it already! Create your own actions for switching workspaces, and use those to do your action at the right point :slight_smile:

Custom actions would work for the switching (I think that has even been requested before) but not for the creation and archive without foregoing a lot of the built-in functionality, E.g. archiving option of running of an action. There’s maybe also an issue over when things like Draft creation occur. For example:

If I am creating a new draft from a shortcut that is not to be associated with the current workspace what happens? Use the current workspace? Use the workspace it matches to → if so, what happens when it matches multiple workspaces? What is going to make sense to all users?

I think as @RosemaryOrchard suggests, using your own workflow switching actions is the way to go for the first bit, but I don’t think options for on create and on archive follow quite the same way. Workspaces are ways of filtering drafts and setting up your working space. The creation/archive events for me seem to fall outside of that sort of concept.

Perhaps more general events not tied to workspace, but specified globally would be a better choice. You could then check your own workspace independent settings that you could apply however and whenever you see fit?

That’s also interesting.