Email Questions

Hi! I’m working on making Drafts a usable email composer for me. Here’s my feature wishlist:

  1. Confirm before sending. (I’d like Drafts to just make a make an email, not send it, and instead save it as a draft in my email IMAP so that I can finalize and send it in whatever email client I choose).
  2. Email meta data fields (To: etc): Ideally I’d like to make a tag that says “To: so and so” or “BCC: so and so”. If the script sees one of these fields it automatically puts “so and so” in the To: field. If there is no such tag then it just leaves the field blank. (That way I can add it in manually within my email client before I hit send.

Has anybody seen an action that works this way or similarly? Or does anyone have any tips on how I would start building this action?