Editing Drafts within vim w/iCloud sync?

Happy Drafts Pro user here. Primary use case is text capture away from my MBP. One long running draft I maintain is a “to do” list. I’d like to be able to edit this file (and others) in vim when I’m at my laptop as that is where I edit text.

I believe drafts are stored in a database (within iCloud) which implies no direct editing within vim.

Perhaps someone has already developed a method to handle this use case and might share it? Alternatively, what are the steps…some sort of export…edit in vim…write back…import? Any pointers around the issues involved or automation appreciated.


Any particular reason you wouldn’t edit in Drafts or store the list outside of Drafts? It sounds like you’re trying to wire together two different processes that could work fine independently.

In terms of automating it you would have to interact with Drafts at some level, so anything like AppleScript, Keyboard Maestro, Drafts actions & URL schemes could help you automate some aspects of this.

I spend a lot of time in my editor of choice, often with 20 or so open buffers and I touch my to do list in Drafts (for Mac) during the day frequently enough to want to integrate it into my vim operations. Essentially, its about reducing friction and living in the console for text processing.

Thanks for the pointers - that’s the direction of travel I suspect, hoping someone has already done some of the legwork and can share details.


I think there is a Taskpaper Action Group which has an import and export action. It basically gets a file from Dropbox in the editor and writes it back. Just search for Taskpaper in the Action Directory.

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