Edit Add to Lists Catagories

Love Drafts. Went Pro today for 2 reasons

  1. to edit and add to the default (free) List 5 categories (movies, Blog, TV etc)
  2. Understand and use Workspaces

I cannot find how to accomplish #1 in the Drafts user guide. Can someone share how I delete, change, add subcatagories to list when I use the Action Add to Lists


  1. Instructions for modifying the available categories are included in the action description in the directory, or in your installed version. Most actions that allow for configuration include instructions:

To modify available categories, edit the “Define Template Tag” step, listing one category per line. The action ships with “Books”, “Movies”, “TV Shows”, and “Blog Ideas” as the default available categories.

  1. I suggest you start with the “Creating Lists in Drafts” screencast, which also covers setting up related workspaces: