Duplicate Draft & remove First line/title

hey guys,
I want to duplicate a draft and remove the first line / title in the duplicate.
I have a script to duplicate the draft but am stucking to remove the first line.

The usecase here is that I have some template Messages which I want to sent multiple times. Thats no problem at all but as soon as I create more templates I will need to search in the drafts which message I really need. Thats why i want to set a title for the message and if i need to sent it to a colleague i just search for the title in a workspace, start my action and it will duplicate the draft, remove the first line and maybe later start some find and replac…

I think this is not too difficult but I’m not so familiar with js scripting, still learning :smiley:
Thanks for your help!

This could be done with scripting, but can also be done with drafts URLs. An action with the URL below uses the [[body]] tag to split off the first line:


Hope this helps!


I think this was too easy to see :smiley: thank you @agiletortoise