Drag multiple actions in action list

Hello, it would be nice to be able to drag (move) multiple actions at a time when I am rearranging the actions list. thank you

Apple’s drag and drop implementation for table views does not support multiple item reordering. I’ve filed bug reports with Apple requesting this addition, but it’s not something they seem interested in prioritizing.

Hello Greg,

Thank you for your answer.

I don’t know specifically about multiple item reordering and I do not doubt what you say.

The impetus for my question was the fact that the Bear app allows the user to drag multiple items.

Bear Tips: Take action on multiple notes with the Drop Bar

• Tap and hold on a note until it ‘lifts up’ out of the Notes List.

• Drag it up or down a little to display the Drop Bar at the bottom of the Notes List.

• With a different finger, tap another note to add it to the stack. …

• Drag your stack of notes to the Drop Bar to trigger the Actions sheet.

Bear Tips: Take action on multiple notes with the Drop Bar - Bear’s bloghttps://blog.bear.app/2018/02/bear-tips-take-action-on-multiple-notes-with-the-drop-bar/

Please note that I would never suggest replacing ‘select’ which is much more convenient and faster than Bear’s method of 2 finger drag.

I wonder if it could be faked…

… If the items to be dragged are contiguous - and I think they are - then treat them as one item. I suppose this involves packing them into one item on drag and unpacking on drop.

after reading your Post, I had a look and they don’t have to be contiguous

Drafts can drag multiple items - specifically, reordering of multiple items in a table view is what is not supported by iOS and what you were requesting.

You can drag multiple actions to a different action group, for example, or multiple drafts to a different folder in the draft list.

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