Drafts to Things

I Downloaded this action, and was able to customize the tags, but it merely send a blank task to Things with the tag rather than the text I enter into Drafts

Is it this action that sending the blank task or your modified one?

Does the draft you’re starting with have a blank first line?

No. The text I want to send is in the top line

Found the issue.

In line 31, change "name" to "title".

That fixes it.

Tagging @RosemaryOrchard so she can update the action on the directory.

(Also, Rosemary, I noticed that line 32 has a .join(', ') with a space after the comma. I’m not sure if that space is necessary and wonder if it will break tagging the new action).

Perfect. It works! Thanks so much!

Interesting. How did you come across this action at the first place? I’ve searched for “Things”, checked latest/newest actions but can’t find it. Only saw this action via your link.