DRAFTs to Things and Bear with embedded link


Hi everyone
I’m a newbie so please be merciful!
I would like to take meeting notes using my Apple Pencil in Drafts, flag the Actions to send to Things (this I figured out) with a link in each To-Do notes section that I can click in order to get to the document that is automatically created in Bear (found a script for this but w/o adding a link).

I saw a few scripts that do this using omnifocus but not for things. I am not a programmer so this is all Greek to me.
Appreciate any and all help.


How are you envisioning using Apple Pencil? Drafts only does typed text - it does not have a drawing/handwriting features.


I have an app that provides conversion on the fly- appears as a keyboard. It’s called Stylus from MyStylus (maker of Nebo). I believe they retired it but I still have it and it’s working well.