Drafts Stickers - Free for limited time, Send SASE


Limited run of Drafts stickers are available to interested parties. If you’d like a few, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

Agile Tortoise
ATTN: Stickers
PO Box 820314
N. Richland Hills, TX 76182

These are 2” stickers, standard letter size envelope with letter stamp should be plenty.

As I receive envelopes, I will return them with some stickers - exactly how many in each envelope may depend on how many requests I get.


Nice - I’m loving my new shirt. :blush:


Not to be grumpy but how would non-USAns do this? I assume we can’t. Which is understandable.



Maybe subscribers from outside the US can get access to the design files to print their own merch? :slight_smile:


I was also wondering about non-US addresses. Thanks


How will it be possible to get some stickers in Germany?


Is there a Drafts action available which would generate a US stamp on a UK printer? Asking for a friend😁


Will that work for the international addresses?


Looking into options at least for European users. Honestly, I’m not in the fulfillment business and don’t know much about mailing things - even within my own country. I’m certainly happy to get these out to interested parties anywhere, but can’t turn into something I spend days on.


And it wasn’t my intention to tweak your nose about it.


I will figure out the stamps necessary to send ever so slightly N of the US border and give it a shot. Thanks!