Drafts Safari share sheet inconsistency

I love using Drafts to capture new text. It is, after all, “Where text starts.”
I frequently need to save text when reading from a website in Safari. When I select text and use Launchbar, to activate the “Add to Drafts”, to activate the Safari share menu item, I only get the text I have selected and not the link to the article I am reading from. The same occurs when I use Capture from the Drafts Menu Bar entry. On the other hand, when I use the Drafts share sheet item in Safari, I get the selected text, properly quoted, along with the link to the article. This is the behavior I would prefer to see in Capture, and in the Launchbar activation of the “Add to Drafts” action. Is there some other way to achieve this behavior that I am not aware of?

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The web capture template is a feature specific to Safari integration with Share extensions, which allows the app to get access to the content of the current web page.

When you share via those other methods, on a system level, all that is being shared is the selected text, just as it would be if you shared a text selection from an email, or document. Drafts gets no access to other information from Safari in those cases.