Drafts Keeps Opening the Same Text File

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Greetings, folks!

Since the last Drafts update (or so), every time I launch the app, it opens the same text file, instead of the one that was open prior to the last quit. How can I get Drafts to open the text file previously displayed (often a blank draft) when it is re-launched?

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There are two features that affect whether new drafts are created or you returning to the previous draft when returning to Drafts:

  • The “New Draft After” setting, which determines the time you are away from Drafts before it should create a new draft.
  • Focus Mode, which can be enabled in the editor (eyeball icon below editor).

Focus mode temporarily disables the “New Draft After” timeout for the current session, to allow you to lock the current draft at a time you plan to work on it for longer. The “New Draft After” setting can be set to “Never” if you always want to return to the last draft and not create new ones automatically.

Details in the User Guide: Focus Mode - Drafts User Guide

Is it possible you enabled Focus Mode?

Thanks for the response!

Alas, my setting haven’t changed: “New Draft Mode” is set to “Never” and “Focus Mode” is on. Before quitting Drafts, I have (usually) long-saved the current text file to Dropbox and created an empty draft, via the plus sign in the top icon bar. Thus, when I relaunched Drafts, I would get a new, empty draft window.

That no longer works; Drafts always launches with the same text file, regardless of the one last edited, and regardless of the setting for “Focus Mode”. (“Focus Mode” is always on after a relaunch.)

Any suggestions?

Blessings, and thank you!

Interesting flow…that would behave as you describe.

Hitting the new button does not create a new draft, exactly. It clears the editor. A new draft does not exist (and therefore does not get saved as your last draft) until it contains content. This is intentional to avoid the draft list becoming cluttered with “blank” drafts.

So, your configuration says “return to my last draft”, and if you quit and relaunch, that last draft is still the last one you edited.

Is there are reason you are going through these steps instead of letter Drafts work as designed to create a new draft after a timeout? Seems like extra steps.


Thank you for the clarification on the process of clearing the editor. Makes sense.

Alas, that is not what is happening, as per my initial post. It makes no difference what text file was last edited; upon relaunching Drafts, the exact same text file is always opened, regardless of which text file was last edited.

I can go for days without even opening the specific text file that keeps getting opened upon relaunch (and I use Drafts on a near-continual basis, editing several text files throughout the course of every day), but that exact same text file is always (for the past few weeks, anyway) opened regardless of the one last edited (as previously noted).

Any advice would be appreciated!

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Blessings, and thank you!