Drafts for Mac Status Update



This is awesome and looks even better than I imagined. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.


great news! Counrt me in :slight_smile:


This is indeed great news. I don’t have a problem not having actions on macOS: this will allow me to use Drafts as a cross-platform note-taking tool. This makes me glad I signed up for the “Pro” version.


This makes me so happy! :blush:


Can. Not. Wait!! Drafts is seriously the biggest thing I am wishing for on my Mac. Super excited!


Giddy with excitement! “End of 2018” can’t come soon enough!


great news! waiting for you!


Thanks for the update, can’t wait to see it realized and in the wild!

(Also very happy to beta test and put it through it’s paces when that time arrives)


Thank you so much Greg. I’m sure this is going to prove a real game changer for me. Can’t wait…


Excited at this news and grateful for this new direction in development. Let me test a beta please!


Amazing news!! Kudos Greg! Would love to be in Alpha testers :slight_smile:


Great news! I’ve been waiting for a native MacOS app for a while now. I like using the iOS app on my iPad Pro as a way to quickly capture ideas before I determine what I want to use them for. An Android app would be highly appreciated :smile:


Very good news!!!

I wonder if will be able to replace Simplenote (sadly for NValt, but BitWriter does not show any progress)


This is welcome news for sure! Finally I can organise and get through those legacy notes.


Great news! Thank you!


That’s great news Greg, especially as I have just taken delivery of a new MBP! (my first Mac :ok_hand:)

I welcome the incremental approach you are taking, and it will be great to have my favourite iOS tool on my new machine.

All the very best,




So excited for this!


OMG yes!!! :heart::heart::heart:️ Is there anyway functionality can mimic Notion.so?
Drafts has more customization options, but I can’t get it to look like Notion. Maybe the Mac version can?


I’m also really excited to hear this as everyone else!
I made an account in this forum just to express my happiness! :slight_smile: