Drafts - Evernote - Google - Disallowed_UserAgent

I am trying to create an action that will take my text and send it to an Evernote folder called ‘Personal’ on my iPhone.

I connect in to Evernote with my Google account. When I create the action, it says
Authorization Needed
Continue to authorize Drafts…

When I click ‘continue’, I get sent to Sign in to authorize Drafts 5 and click on the ‘Continue with Google’
This takes me to a 403, disallowed_useragent error message.

How do I get this working?

In the web view that comes up can you get the URL of the page? If so, try opening the URL in the Safari app and completing the authorisation there.

I know Google has additional restrictions with embedded browser windows for OAuth, which I’m guessing might be what is causing this error.

What version of Drafts are you running? I believe this was resolved in the most recent update - at least for the Google-linked Evernote account I was testing with.

This is due to a bug in Evernote’s SDK I had to work around, and it is possible my fix is not applicable to all accounts.


I am using version 18.1.6. However, when I go to sign in to Evernote with Google through Drafts, the screen says:
“Sign in to authorize Drafts 5”

I uninstalled and reinstalled on my iPhone and still having the same problem.

Any suggestions on this?


Do you have an iPad? It appears my “fix” for Evernote’s issue works on iPad, but not on iPhone - I expect because the iPad mimics desktop browsers since iPadOS 13 shipped.

If you can authenticate on an iPad in a synced Drafts installation, those auth credentials will sync to your iPhone.

Sorry, I don’t have an iPad; just an iPhone.

Unfortunately, there appears to be no workaround for this at this time. Until Evernote updates their SDK authentication process, it will not work with “Sign-in with Google” type Evernote accounts on iPhone. I have been in communication with Evernote about this problem, they are aware of the issue.

If there is a way to unlink your Evernote account from Google (not sure?), sign in directly with Evernote accounts works fine.

That did the trick. I can post to Evernote now from Drafts.