Drafts Beta Program

[UPDATE: Beta program on hold for a few weeks while iOS 14 builds get up to quality]

Interested in testing upcoming Drafts features? We need some more testers in the beta program and would love to have your feedback.

If you are interested, please read all the details on the Beta Program page - and sign up for the Slack to discuss beta issues and features.

Currently, we are preparing R20, which features new abilities to cross-link between drafts and typewriter scrolling mode to fix the cursor position when editing.


Done. Joined, installed both versions already. Hopefully I can provide some help, even though I’m aware I’m not using Drafts to its full extent. Heavy user, all day long, but for a somewhat limited number of things. Feel free to boot me off the beta if you need the place for someone who might be better suited.

Alright, I’ll join. I fracking love Drafts and I do occasionally enjoy being able to think ‘neener neener neener’ towards other people who aren’t privy to some early features. LOL I’m kidding. Of course that is a terrible reason to join a beta. Ha ha ha. I would never do that. But I will join because I love Drafts.