Drafts Beta Program - Summer 2022

Public betas of operating systems bring public betas of Drafts.

If you are willing to tolerate some instability for early access to new features, consider joining the Drafts Beta. You do not need to be on the beta OS(es), we are happy to have tester and feedback from anyone. Just please do read the beta guidelines regarding feedback and expectation.


Nevertheless, iOS 16 is essential to access the new Drafts widgets :slight_smile: As much as macOS 12.5 has just been downloaded in 4G (I live on an island :-), as much it is sometimes complicated for iOS !!! And especially for iOSiPadā€¦

Iā€™m going to sacrifice two (or three) tourists to get there :slight_smile:

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OK you got me: This iPad running 16 will soon be joined by 12 Pro MAX running it.

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