Drafts As A Music Database Using Shortcuts

I recently made a series of music shortcuts that use text files to organize and play music via Shortcuts. And with the new Shortcut actions in Drafts you can actually pull text from Drafts and choose/play music from within Shortcuts, opening the possibility of keeping a music database of some sort within Drafts. I wrote a post about all of this and included a “Proof of Concept” Drafts video:

Music and Shortcuts


Wow I didn’t expect that to end up with Newbury Comics. Great post. I’ve often thought of starting a blog with this kind of reflections on how tasks and accompanying technology have changed over the years.

I ended up installing the whole thing and am delighted to have learned in the process that comments are accessible via shortcuts.

Wow. You don’t do things half way, do you? Thanks for the comprehensive write up and links. I love reading this kind of detailed use case, how somebody has thought through what tools they want for themselves

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Play album from a list inside Drafts via Shortcuts.