Drafts 4 Shortcuts App Support?

Hi, Shortcuts seems to expect Drafts 5 to be installed. Anyone have any suggestions as to how to get the Shortcuts app to recognise Drafts 4?


I do not believe Shortcuts supports Drafts 4 with it’s convenience actions. All the same thing are possible with Drafts 4 using X-Callback-URL urls - is there a specific thing you are trying to recreate?

Thanks for getting back to me. All sorts of things. In this specific case, I’m doing some regex text fiddling, that I used to send to Drafts 4 to convert to HTML, then grab the HTML and post it using a Pythonista script. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I know shortcuts can do the conversion, but it doesn’t seem to respect the line returns, as drafts does.

Well, the full Drafts 4 URL scheme documentation will likely be helpful. There are four convenience wrapper actions for Drafts in Shortcuts/Workflow - all of which just construct the URLs for you, so could be recreated with Shortcuts’ Open X-Callback-URL.

I’m not that much of a Shortcuts/Workflow expert, so someone else might chime on how how to construct these, but these are roughly what the Drafts actions map to in URLs for Drafts 4 (same for Drafts 5 would just start with “drafts5” instead of “drafts4”):

Open Draft


Get Contents of Draft


Add to Draft


Run Drafts Action


Excellent, thanks. I can work with that.