Drafts 20 Released - Cross-linking Drafts + Typewriter Scrolling

This is fantastic! I’d been reading up about Zettelkasten, fretting about which tool to use, and now I can do it all in Drafts.

Thank you!!



This reminds me of an old saying:

– Who is the greatest physicist of the 20th century?
– Albert Einstein.

– Who is the second greatest physicist of the 20th century?
– Albert Einstein (for all the other things he has done).

Time will tell but with this release I get the feeling that Drafts is not only my greatest app but also my second greatest app for “all the other things” it can do (s.a. project management, reminders, document repository to mention a few).

Thank you Greg!


:tada: Typewriter scrolling! :tada: Thanks so much.

Excellent. Thanks a bunch for all the regular updates and new useful features. I have been using Drafts for many years and it’s a total standout in terms of usefulness, quality, speed and everything else. Also, by complete coincidence, I was thinking the other day that typewriter scrolling would be a great addition, and…it suddenly appears!

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When the release notes for a single version look like the release notes for an entire feature set of another app.

Sterling work Mr Pierce!

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Thanks for the update. The issue I was just getting ready to report is gone with the 2.0 release. Of course now the pain to delete beta and install final release.

I know 1st world problem.

Fantastic update, many solid features I can put to uise right away. Many thanks, Greg.

A question… that might reflect my lack of understanding on the release doc. Is there (or could there be) a way to see jump links in the text? The navigation as it stands is first class but there are times when I ned to do it with one hand and jab an anchor link while keeping eye contact with an audience.

Thanks again for such a quality piece of work (and I don’t just mean the update!)

SO EXCITED!!! I requested double bracket link functionality in Feb 19. Super pleased to see it fleshed out so thoughtfully!!

Just to clarify my question:

Navigation markers are defined by the syntax highlighting in use for the draft, and may vary by syntax, but in the case of Markdown drafts, markers are generated for all headings (## Heading).

So how do I get the navigation marker for a Markdown heading into the draft (like part of a TOC)?

I can’t see a way of copying the markers in the nav. drop-down

I can see the functionality is all there, but I can’t yet see how to use it within the text.

I updated my Link Helpers Actions Group to use the new [[wiki-style]] linking capability — so much easier to read + use drafts with this format, thank you!!

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Greg: Amazing.

I use a small fraction of Drafts capability, with heavy-lifting done in org mode. Nevertheless, I’m happy to subscribe to your app if only to see this killer app flourish.


I’m wondering what I would need to do to use DuckDuckGo as my search engine of preference rather than Google? I tried [[duckduckgo: Search Term]] but that didn’t work. TIA, Andy

That’s not something implemented in the current release. When custom syntax definitions become available (later this year, hopefully) it would be something that could be added for use in your installation. You can, of course, already use actions to search DuckDuckGo for a text selection, see examples in directory.

Is there a way to search for something like „- [ ] do asap“? I tried [[s:- [ ] do asap]] and all variations like url-escaping, using different „“ versions and alike but can‘t get it running.

I use “” to find things like this. For example “- [ ]” works well.

Inside of [[s: syntax?

Doesn’t need to be in a double bracket [[s: search… you should be able to enter “- [ ] do asap” in the search field above the drafts list…

Sure - but what I am trying to do is use the wiki links syntax to jump directly to a specific line of a draft that includes a task. Before that I am using an action to collect all tasks in active projects which should in a final step write the wiki syntax for every open task In a new draft.

So something like

Project 1

  • [ ] task a. [[s:search definition a]]
  • [ ] task b. [[s:search definition b]]

Ah. I see. A wiki-link (as they’re natively defined) only addresses a draft, rather than a location within that draft.

That said, if you haven’t already seen the conversation here => New and Better- Question about Drafts Capabilites [[links]] you might find what you’re looking for…