Divider in the extended row

I’d like to see a divider to break up longer action groups in the extended row. This was present in D4, and I’d like to see that get added back to D5. Here’s a comparison of what I’m hoping to see (top is current, bottom is the request):

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+1, though not as obviously as that. Just a half-tile-width gap would be better.

agreed. screenshot was easier to manipulate to show it in concept

There’s not a great deal of room on the extended keyboard row. Swiping back and forth all the time isn’t the best experience in my opinion. The space premium is especially true on phones in portrait.

Adding in spacers however big uses up some space and can push buttons off screen. The more you add, the more impact it has.

Now I like the idea of showing groupings of related keys and the like so what if there was instead an option to group the keys in another way? I’m thinking colour.

For those who want a subtle difference, the colour of the text/icon could be set. For a more bold difference, the colour of the button.

Now these might clash with theme switching so perhaps some tie in with those would be necessary?

For those who benefit from it, the available colours should include options to set them as high contrast… though the inbuilt iOS features may be able to cover that automatically.

Presumably this approach would require a lot more development effort. Worth it? I don’t know for sure. What does everyone else think?


Totally agree with this Tim, this was already mentioned in the Slack D5 channel.

+1 from me :crossed_fingers:t2: