Display boxed message or notification

What would be the script syntax to simply display a message on the screen, with an OK button to close it.
I use it to let myself know that certain action like procedures (like displaying the list of actions in a group) are not really actions, they are procedures which in this case includes a shortcut. I display the procedure on the screen.
My impetus for this request is that I spent one hour searching for an action to list all actions in a group, when in fact it was simply a procedure (thank you @sylumer)
thank you

At the most basic level there is the standard alert.

alert("hello world");

If you really want the button to say OK and to be able to dismiss it with ⌘+RETURN on a keyboard, then you could try using a function like this.

function msgbox(p_strTitle, p_strMessage)
	let promptMessage = Prompt.create();
	promptMessage.title = p_strTitle;
	promptMessage.message = p_strMessage;
	promptMessage.isCancellable = false;

msgbox("hello world", "how are you today?");

Hope that helps.


Thank you very much!